WATCH: SNL roasts Herschel Walker ‘Texas Ranger’, Dr. Oz, and Kari Lake

SNL roasts MAGA candidates (Screen shot, courtesy of NBC)

WATCH: SNL roasts Herschel Walker ‘Texas Ranger’, Dr. Oz, and Kari Lake

Jenny Goldsberry

October 30, 08:58 AM October 30, 08:58 AM

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Saturday Night Live this week took aim at a trio of Trump-backed candidates in a midterms themed cold opening.

Senate candidates Herschel Walker of Georgia and Dr. Mehmet Oz of Pennsylvania, as well as Arizona governor candidate Kari Lake, were the butt of the jokes. Castmember Keenan Thompson impersonated Walker, Mikey Day was Dr. Oz, while Cecily Strong played Lake.

“My name is Herschel Walker Texas Ranger and I’m running for president of the United Airlines,” Thompson said, a reference to Walker producing an honorary deputy’s badge on the debate stage to show affiliation with law enforcement.


SNL Cold Open

Day embraced a common criticism of Oz: where he has lived, as the celebrity heart surgeon was born in Ohio, grew up in Delaware, and has a home in New Jersey. While Oz received his MD and MBA from the University of Pennsylvania, he went on to practice in New York immediately after finishing school.

“My Pennsylvania Phillies are in the World Series,” Day said while putting on a Phillies hat with the tag still on it. “And I just had a delicious Philadelphia cheese and steak. Yum.”

In the sketch, which aired on NBC, Heidi Gardner plays PBS NewsHour host Judy Woodruff. She points out that the candidates are receiving favorable polling despite a lack in political experience.

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“Look, if you want to get on the Jumbotron at the Falcons game, you don’t throw on a cardigan and start making sense,” Thompson said. “You take your shirt off and shake your belly around! That’s what I’m doing, and people love me no matter what.”

“Frankly, I’ve just clicked with the many wonderful, terrified elderly people here in Arizona, the Florida of the West,” Strong said as Lake. “Also, I’m a fighter. In my life, I’ve sent back over 2,000 salads, and I’m not afraid to do the same thing with democracy.”

Thompson’s Walker impersonation has made an appearance on nearly every SNL episode since the season opened this month, and the jokes have extended beyond the sketch comedy show. Even former President Barrack Obama poked fun at the former NFL player during a rally in Georgia on Saturday.

A recent poll comparing Walker and Warnock found that 33% of voters said they would definitely give their vote to Walker and 11% probably voting for him. The poll, conducted from Oct. 20 to Oct. 24, was completed among 615 Georgia registered voters, and had a margin of error of 5 percentage points, according to Monmouth University.

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